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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Passing the RHCT / RHCE Exams

Get Started

1) Take the Red Hat Training Courses (optional)
2) Study the objectives
3) Find some good reference materials
4) Practice, practice, practice

How can you make a study guide?

Make some notes based on the objectives, labs, and potential questions.

1) Look at an objective
2) Ask yourself "what could they ask me to prove I know this objective?"
3) Write up as many potential questions, and answers as you can think of
4) Write down any supporting commands for configuring, testing or troubleshooting
5) Write down any files required for configuration
6) Test your theories, and try things out
7) Think about how you can test each of the changes you make to the system

Configuration Tips
Get a PC you can install and reinstall the OS on.
Learn what tools and files are used to configure a system.

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