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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

College Credit for IT Certifications

Did you know, you can receive undergraduate credit for IT Certifications? I was so happy to find out about this. I had taken off a few semesters from school to work on my certs. I had completed my CNE and was working on my MCSE, when I found out I could get credit for some of the exams. The coolest part was, that I didn't really lose any time by getting my certs. I was able to combine the best courses from some very good universities for a more well-rounded education.

Ways to Earn Credit
Earn undergraduate credit through Excelsior College courses and Excelsior College Exams, credit earned at other regionally accredited institutions, military training, corporate training, technology certification, and more. You may be closer than you think to earning your degree!

This looks like an add, but it is more of a personal endorsement. I highly recommend looking into this for any IT person who has not completed their degree yet. You have to keep up with certifications anyway, so why not get college credit for it?

You can receive credit for MCSE, CNE, CCNA, and other exams. Check out Excelsior College today!

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FlawlessWalrus said...

Thomas Edison State College in NJ and Charter Oak State College in CT are the other 2 public colleges that operate entirely online like Excelsior.

scottm said...

Excellent point by FlawlessWalrus. My article discuses credit for IT certifications, but there are other very good online options for undergraduate degrees. There are even some Ivy league schools that offer online graduate degrees. For example, Stanford and Columbia both offer complete masters degree programs that are available entirely online.

Distance education is becoming more popular. This may be a good topic for another article. :-)

Archie @ it certification said...

This information is great! It is so good to hear that even undergrads can take IT Certifications.

Your post and experience really inspired me to further this certification. Thanks a lot for the post!