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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Enhance your Website with Google Gadgets

Google has some excellent webmaster resources, and some fun and useful gadgets that can be quickly added to a website or blog. Just as with any good design, remember not to over do it.

Here is what Google says about their gadgets:

Enhance Your Own Website

Add Google Gadgets to your webpage

You can now use Google Gadgets to make your webpages even more interesting and useful to your visitors. For instance, you can add your city's current temperature or a quote of the day to your own page. Just pick the gadget you want from our directory of "Google Gadgets for your webpage," customize that gadget, and copy-and-paste the HTML into your page's source code. Then, reload to see the gadget on your page.

Find gadgets for your webpage.


If you want to find something about cooking, recipes, or healthy foods, you can browse through the lifestyle category.

Of course readers of would probably be more interested in technology, or tools.

Check it out; it's a lot of fun, and you may find some useful gadgets for your readers.

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