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Thursday, July 30, 2009

RHCE Flash Cards

I came up with some flashcards based on commonly used redhat linux commands. Here is my working draft.


These notes should be helpful to anyone working on Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), or preparing for the RHCE exam.

My RHCE Study Guide was hugely popular, but unfortunately it had some potential copyright issues. This group of flashcards has also been released as a quick study guide, or cheat sheet, and contains much of the same original study guide material, but with all proprietary information removed. This 3-page guide is listed as RHCE Flash Cards (condensed version)

How These Slides Were Created

These slides were produced using Impress.
  1. Created Slides
  2. Saved as html
  3. Copied contents of html between body tags to .page files.
    • Used a bash shell script with sed, and awk to get the files to appear properly for webgen. See script here—html2page.html
  4. Ran webgen on the directory to generate .html
Also .pdf files were saved from Writer, which not only is free software, but also allows writing of .pdf files -- also for free. Isn't open source software great?

Let us know what you think.

If you notice any errors, omissions, or potential copyright issues, please comment below, or contact us.


dabash said...

unfortunately there is broken link , please can you send this flash card on my email

scottm said...

The links appear to be working fine now. You can download a pdf from here: