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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Career Resources

I thought it might be helpful to point out some career resources for those who may be interested, or actively involved in job hunting.  I realize we all  need to update our resume from time to time, and some of you may not have a LinkedIn profile.

Here are some learning resources, and some useful links for career research.  Some of you know me as someone who is always promoting self-learning.

Learning Resources

Paid Learning Sites are often made available by your employer, so check to see if you have a subscription, or if you can expense it (get reimbursed for the expense).  It doesn't hurt to ask.

  • -- Huge selection of technical books, videos, seminars, etc.
  • -- High Quality, from overview to advanced topics for programmers
  • -- High Quality, some topics are not very advanced, but courses are very well done
  • -- Books, courses, videos

  • You can find career related courses by searching for “job search”, or “resume”,  "interview", or “career.”  For example, here are some courses I recommend in 2018:

    You may find it useful to look at job postings when updating your resume to see what kind of requirements are currently out there.  Then do some research:

    Also see this article for additional learning resources:

    Career Resources

    Connect and Organize – connect, research, apply - Organize and Manage your Career, job search, interviews, etc. - Free site at the time I started using it.

    Job Search – job postings directly from companies, without 3rd party recruiters -- Popular job search site – US federal government jobs -- for startups

    Company and Pay Info, also good for company research – Jobs, Company Reviews, Salaries

    Paid Service – Excellent career management resources, including company research

    Some of these notes are also available in the public forum for job seekers.  This is something I quickly threw together in 2015 to help my coworkers who were impacted by a massive layoff: